Beer Brats & Apple Sauerkraut

Beer Brats & Apple Sauerkraut

(…a guest post from my friend, TS)

I can’t seem to quit eating…or blogging about food lately.

This time around I used beer (of course) with my favorite — bratwursts.


Can of Beer – Cheap Lager Will Do

Can Of Sauerkraut
Mott’s Apple Juice

Beer Brats & Apple Sauerkraut

This is an easy dish to assemble, you just get your sauce pan hot, and sear one side of the bratwursts. This only takes two minutes or so. Then you take the pan off heat, and add an entire can (minus a good size chug) of beer to the pan. When you return the pan to the flame, have it on low and simmer the juicy German sausages for 15 minutes. The beer’s alcohol will likely cook completely out, leaving only the glaze of caramelized beer taste behind.

At the point where there beer is all gone from the pan, you will want to empty a small jar (or can) of sauerkraut. If you don’t have any diced apples (diced so small they appear minced), you can add apple juice (you can also use apple sauce too). I just received some Mott’s juice boxes/pouches for free from the market. They had a promotion! So I added both. You can use any kind really, but Mott’s is the best. So you just bring that to a simmer, then it cook to completeion.

Then you can either pair the two over a giant hot dog bun; or you can dish it out side by side. It is so good. This is a year round dish and staple in my home.


And for you sauerkraut haters, really do try the apple juice trick. It will take the tartness out of the kraut. If you are doing it as a side dish, you can even sprinkle just a hint of cinnamon on it. It changes the taste completely.

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