Beer Mac ‘N (Beer) Cheese with Chicken

Beer Mac ‘N (Beer) Cheese with Chicken

(…a guest post from my friend, TS)

Summer is here! And there is nothing better to celebrate summer with than beer and good food. So I decided to combine the two and share some homemade cooking with you.

A good friend of mine received some promotional product from Kroger’s/Ralph’s Market (yes, a freebie, yay! — #FireUpTheFlavor #FreeSamp #FreeSample). And so we were thinking, what do we do with this stuff. He got hungry, of course…and said, let’s make beer cheese!

While most of the time, I would say beer cheese and a giant spoon is plenty, we wanted to make a favorite of ours Macaroni & (Beer) Cheese.

Since we are drinking, and don’t want to really stay in the kitchen, we are taking the super lazy man’s route on preparing this delicacy.

Mac ‘n Cheese Ingredients

1. One jar of cheese sauce – any flavor will do. This dish works well with cheddar, alfredo or a spicy tomato
2. Sliced Jalepenos (if desired)
3. One tablespoons of cornstarch
4. One bottle of beer – lagers are best, but you can use any really
5. One pound of pasta – any shell kind will do too
6. Private Selection Green Chile Ranch Seasoning Rub
7. Extra grated cheese as desired

Macaroni & (Beer) Cheese Ingredients

Extra Items

1. One pound chicken breast
2. Private Selection Green Chile Ranch Seasoning Rub – this really does make it taste like Cool Ranch Doritos are mixed in your pasta

Baked Chicken Breast With Seasoning Rub


1. Open beer, and take down 1/2 in a good chug. Then set aside.
2. Add jar of cheese sauce to pan.
3. With a sifter, sprinkle cornstarch over the sauce and stir in to the pan until dissolved.
4. Add the remaining half a bottle of beer and bring to a simmer.
5. Let it simmer for at least 3-4 minutes; only mild bubbles on the side of the pan need appear.
6. Remove sauce from heat to thicken.
7. Prepare pasta per al dente.
8. Sprinkle Green Chili seasoning on pasta.
9. When done, quickly drain, do not rinse, pasta.
10. In a serving dish, pour in some of the cheese sauce, followed by the pasta and sprinkles of grated cheese and seasoning rub; repeat until you have a full bowl. .
11. Toss the pasta gently with a cooking spoon to mix cheese.

You will likely want to just start eating now, but try to hold off. You can leave the dish in the microwave to remain warm. It will cool off, but don’t worry.

Additional Directions

1. Remove skin from chicken, but do not discard.
2. Season chicken with the seasoning rub; also include seasoning on the skins.
3. Bake the chicken to about 160 internal cooking temperature (400 degrees for 50 minutes). Have the skins in the pan and let them bake to a crunchy texture.
4. When cooked, shred or dice chicken. You can lick the bones as you go.
5. Then dice up the chicken skins.
6. Mix in the chicken in the baking dish of pasta.
7. Sprinkle the top of the macaroni with the cut up & crunchy chicken skins.
8. Drizzle the top of the macaroni with a little olive oil (or some butter), then garnish with jalepenos and bake to a light brown.

Then, go outside and sit with friends outside, or with a giant spoon and feast upon Macaroni & (Beer) Cheese with chicken.

OMG, it is so good…..and yes, the seasoning really does make it does like Cool Ranch Doritos. It is kind of like licking cheese fingers after devouring a bag, but on pasta noodles!

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