Beertails – Who Knew!?!?

Beertails – Who Knew!?!?

(…a guest post from my friend, TS)

So…I did every beer lovers worst nightmare! I poured a beer over ice cubes!

The shock. The horror.


But really, it was not that bad. It was not completely ice either. I had some Liptons Mango Tea that I received as part of a promotion (yes, free) and wanted to give it a try plain. It was really good.

I don’t know if it was the heat or just ice tea overload. I received a 12 pack. But I thought to myself, I wonder what would happen if I froze some of these mango teas into cubes. I have a few friends who are weird and like watering down their beer by pouring it over ice. Personally, I think they dilute it to save on carbs and calories, because why else would you do such an abomination to beer?

So after freezing some cubes, I got a citrus based IPA beer that was a little on the bitter & ol side. Normally, beer does not last that long in the house. I took the cold beer, got a frosted half glass and filled it with the cubes and then the beer.

Mango Lipton Tea & Stone IPA

To my surprise it was actually pleasant. Like surprisingly good enough to not just take a second sip, but to let the beer sit and see the ice cubes melt good! I was shocked. Maybe these carb-counter people are on to something.

I still don’t think anyone with an ounce of brain power should ever in a million years pour their beer over actual ice cubes (water only). But if you are looking for a “beertail” (I never even knew that word existed), then ice away.

Know that when you pour a beer over ice, you will get an extra creamy head to start.

Mango Beertail Get Creamy Head Upon Pouring

Personally, I feel IPA bitterness can be overpowering. But I saw that this one was Stone Delicious IPA (a citrusy India pale ale with lemondrop and El Dorado Hops). Normally, I can’t take down a full bottle of this beer. But with the mango cubes, it put a little twist on it.

Liption Mango tea With Stone IPA – Beertail

Just so you know, and please, no trolling hater remarks…I may do this again with another style beer!

What should we try?

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