Funny Friday E-mail

Funny Friday E-mail

We have all worked with that one person. The one that speaks loudly, overuses annoying catch phrases “Literally…” (for everything) or “I, personally…” and “Just saying”, flosses their teeth at their desk, or sends an e-mail only to walk over to your desk to discuss the very e-mail that is sitting in your inbox which doesn’t actually require any dialogue what-so-ever to execute. Let’s face it; the ability to act like a grown-up, fake a smile and engage in professional small talk should be listed in all job descriptions. Difficult co-workers are commonplace. Good news though… you may not get to pick who you work with, but you can be selective who you invite to happy hour!

Luckily for me, the best parts of my job are my co-workers. Happy hour is a close second. It’s not a big stretch in Washington to find beer lovers, and my colleagues are no exception. The first Friday (or as we like to call it, “Thirst Friday”) of the month, a group of dedicated [beer] drinkers gather at a new pub or brewery for adult beverages and great company to kick off the month. Our invitations are done via group e-mails and often small side conversations take place. Below is a glimpse into our most recent exchange. I’m proud to not only call these witty, sarcastic, humorous people my teammates but also my friends.

*While the names have been changed and e-mail addresses removed, the content of the e-mails has not been altered.


——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Thirst Friday
From: Andrew
Date: Tue, May 03, 2016 10:16 am
To: James; David; Peter; BeerNBling; Matt

Friday is nearly upon us and we are heading to one of Seattle’s newest breweries, Old Stove Brewing in Pike Market! Old Stove is located on the corner of 1st Ave and Pine St. and is a very quick car ride, short bus ride, or easy walk away. They are currently offering up 16 taps of beers that are waiting for you to try. So come join us for a pint or two this Friday!


On Tue, May 3, 2016 at 12:38 PM, <David> wrote:

You had me at beers on a Friday!

– David


From: James
Sent: Thursday, May 05, 2016 8:50 AM
To:  David; Andrew; BeerNBling; Matt; Peter
Subject: Re: Thirst Friday

Me too. If anyone is heading over early, lemme know!



On Thu, May 5, 2016 at 8:53 AM, < Andrew > wrote:

WTF, James you are able to get out Friday and Saturday night this weekend?! Did you buy the wife a new car or something?

– Andrew


From: James
Sent: Thursday, May 05, 2016 8:55 AM
To: Andrew; David; BeerNBling; Matt; Peter

Subject: Re: Thirst Friday


Andrew, I am a man. I do what I want.

(I hope my wife is not reading my emails…)



On Thu, May 5, 2016 at 9:00 AM, < Andrew > wrote:

Should I not be forwarding these to her?



From: James
Sent: Thursday, May 05, 2016 9:03 AM
To: Andrew; David; BeerNBling; Matt; Peter
Subject: Re: Thirst Friday

Not if you love me and care about my well being. Which I think you do? Maybe? A little? No?



On Thu, May 5, 2016 at 9:04 AM, <David> wrote:

“I am a man, I do what I want. Isn’t that right honey?” said James.


From: Peter
Sent: Thursday, May 05, 2016 9:06 AM
To: James; Andrew; David; BeerNBling; Matt
Subject: Re: Thirst Friday

“… And that email was the last we ever heard from James.  Some say, on a quiet summer night, you can still hear a faint sound of whip cracking.”





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