Happy Hour with Hot Mojo

Happy Hour with Hot Mojo

If you’ve read the previous interviews, you can probably see, I have a type. I have no excuse other than to say, IT guys like to drink. They work hard and play hard. Meet my friend, Admal. He is no different. To all the ladies out there looking for love, Admal is single and a total catch. Read on to find out more.

Q1:Tell us a little about yourself?

A: I don’t like to talk about myself. I only do that after 3 or 5 drinks. But I’m an easy going guy, just like to enjoy life and try different things. My mind works differently, it’s probably because I talk 3-4 languages everyday (little bragging too). Got to have beer and different flavors in life!

Q2: Is it true what they say about Indian men?

A: No, it’s not! And no we don’t smell like we just ate Indian food (even though we do). Also yes sometimes the sausage is a little spicy!

Q3: Why do your friends call you BBB?

A: For some reason people love to give me very obscure nicknames (most of which I can’t say here), I just don’t know why. I guess I just bring that out in them when they hang out with me. I really don’t know.

Q4: With your height, do you find it discriminating that bar stools and tops are so high?

A: Nah I find it quite relaxing actually, I swing my legs back and forth in jolly good mood when my feet can’t reach the bottom. Drinking and swinging, what’s not to love about that? I feel sad for those tall people who can’t swing their feet like me.

Q5: Where did you get your inspiration for HOT MOJO?

A: Someone asked me what my 1-800 number would be and bam, it came out 1-800-hot-mojo! It exists, dial and find out how to have good time.

Q6: Your line of work deals with Quality Assurance, do you think that helps in your selection of fine craft beers?

A: In my line of work, I make sure things are working perfectly fine (or close to it) before release to production. I also use this when selecting what beers to drink. I have to make sure to see my pee is of good quality when it comes out and not the shit quality when consuming beers like bud light, coors light etc. Got to think of the environment right! Quality is always important.

Q7: What’s your go-to beer?

A: I tend to drink mostly India Pale Ale’s (no, not because I happened to be Indian), just prefer that taste. Also I do enjoy an occasional somewhat light-ish beer, namely Stella Artois! I have been having that before it became popular. It sometimes gets a bad rap but that’s only from beer snobs (pssh they think they know everything pssh)

Q8: Why do you insist on drinking out of a chalice?

A: Only way to enjoy a good cold Belgian crispy Stella is to drink it in a Chalice! It adds flavor to the beer and makes you look sophisticated.

Q9: We’ve been to a few beer fests together, any favorites?

A: There are a few breweries but I forget most of the names, probably because I had one too many there. Loved the Washington brewer’s fest in Redmond, walk all day while drinking beer, gotta love that. I liked quite a few in Sodo area (Georgetown, Schooner exact etc.), not so much in pioneer square (scratched Elysian off my list).

Q10: Anything else you want to tell your readers?

A: If you like something just do it, don’t think about it too much, life doesn’t always give you second chances. If you always worry about your health and wealth then you really haven’t lived your life. I always say life is a long journey, so be a little silly and be happy! I do that by trying to drink all the beer I can and send drunk texts to my friends. Those who matter don’t care and those who care don’t matter.


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