Hop Topic #1 – I’m a hefe drinker… what’s next?

Some may argue that there are more important things in life than beer. Those people would be wrong. Life’s purpose is to be happy and with that, enjoying quality craft beer is a must.

This leads us to our most recent interview assignment, the first of many video editions called “Hop Topic” where we introduce craft beer to newbies.

Meet Brandon.

He was a salsa dance instructor in college. His karaoke go-to song is Slipknot’s Before I forget. And he doesn’t like cheese except on pizza.

The innocence of his unrefined palate makes him utterly charming. You can’t help but want to improve the quality of beer in his life.

So we did what we had to do. We set up a camera and brought him a six pack of craft beers to try. With a taste for Blue Moon and other wheat beers, our goal was to expand his personal beer style playbook.

Will Brandon find a new beer or style he likes? Or will he continue look at a tap list and simply gravitate to the lightest beer available?

Check out to video to find out if we were successful.


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