Random Seattle with Magic Mouse Toys

Random Seattle with Magic Mouse Toys

Rain or shine and recently snow, I walk by Magic Mouse Toys on my commute to and from work. Each morning I am greeted by a new temporary art installation of assorted stuffed animals or other toys sitting by their glass-paneled front door. The first few times I noticed the display I found myself stopping briefly and on occasion laughing. Eventually, I caught myself taking pictures.

Magic Mouse Toys has been a fixture in Seattle since 1977. The two-storied shop is located on the corner of 1st Avenue and Yesler Way in the heart of historic Pioneer Square. If you want to wander around and reminisce about your childhood, are a collector of games, books, puzzles or just looking for a great gift, this place provides plenty of random enjoyment.

Please note, I kept the captions fairly simple. I am not a toy connoisseur and had to ask the relevance of the cute cats with desserts. Apparently that’s a webcomic called Pusheen, who knew?! If you recognize the names of any of these, I’m happy to update.



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